This mobile museum bus was donated by the Collier County Fair Board.


They were originally going to use it as a STEAM education bus that would travel to local schools.


The mobile museum includes such displays as 

  • Military uniforms and helmets from various wars
  • A rusted canteen from the Battle of Spotsylvania during the Civil War
  • A World War II sword
  • Silly String used to detect trip wires in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • A gas mask, knife and First Aid kit from the Korean War
  • A Viet Cong ammo-clip belt from the Vietnam War
  • Mini busts of World War II leaders Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill
  • A World War II navigation compass for pilots and an instruction manual for aerial gunners
  • A periscope used for trench warfare during World War I.

Bring History to your event. Our Mobile Museum is available for your special event.

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